Kinto Baum Square Serving Boards

These solid maple wood serving boards are perfect for serving appetizers or for cutting cheese and bread at the table.

The two sizes let you choose the one best suited to your purposes. The round hole - one of the charms of the design - makes it easy to hold and enables it to be hung on the wall.

- Small - 23 x 18 cm.

- Large - 30 x 23 cm.


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From tabletop to household accessory, Kinto provides clean design driven by the Japanese sensible and conscientious ideas to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable. It is their principle to offer life-long design that stands close to our daily lives.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsSmall - 23 x 18 cm - Large - 30 x 23 cm
Care AdviceWipe clean - Do not soak