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Glerups Danish Mules - Teal Felted Wool

Glerups Danish Mules - Teal Felted Wool

In brief

Glerups Danish Mules - Teal Felted Wool

Nanny Glerup describes her slippers as “Beautiful, Natural and Warm” what more could anyone want from these felted, Danish wool slippers?

With soft, calfskin soles and thick warm felt, they are by far the most stylish and understated house shoes we've ever had the pleasure to pad around in.

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A hobby that grew...

In 1993, Nanny Glerup started producing slippers made of felted wool on a small scale, simply as a hobby. They were so well received by friends and family that she decided to make it her living. However she was only able to manufacture two pairs a day. Since then she has developed new production techniques and over the years, assisted by her husband, Ove Glerup, she has developed and refined the products.


  • Ever since Nanny Glerup started the company, it has been a clear objective to produce all her products as eco friendly as possible.
  • For the same reason Glerup's aim to treat all wool in their products as gently as possible. The wool is cleaned mechanically and avoids chemicals.
  • When dying the wool only the best non-metallic colours are used.
  • Hides are tanned using the most modern and eco friendly methods.
  • The felt slipper is made from 100% pure natural wool.
  • The slipper is designed to sit firmly on your foot.
  • Felt slippers are strong, smooth and warm.
  • Wool has the capacity to absorb moisture (all 38% of its weight), therefore they keep your feet dry and warm.
  • The slippers may "shed" during the first few days of use. The reason for this is that the coarsest fibres work their way out of the felt. It is only natural, and the fibres just need to be plucked off.
  • The qualities of wool become entirely unique when worn directly next to the skin, and we recommend you wear your shoes with bare feet.

Care of your Glerups:-

  • Naturally wool has the ability to clean itself, so if you let your shoes have air and rest they will keep fresh.
  • You can wash your shoes by hand in warm soapy water. Spot treat with washing up liquid to clean spots of grease. Rinse your slippers well, spin-dry. Put your feet in the moist shoes, and pad them into shape.
  • Wash on a wool program at your own risk.

Not sure of your size?

Glerups are made true to size. We recommend you order your usual shoe size.

If you are unsure find the measurement in the chart below and see which size to order.

Simply find the length of the foot by putting the heel towards an edge.

Put a tape measure to the same edge and read at the tip of the longest toe.

Length of foot in mm.

225 mm     size 36
232 mm     size 37
238 mm     size 38
246 mm     size 39
253 mm     size 40
260 mm     size 41
265 mm     size 42
273 mm     size 43

280 mm     size 44