Don’t live to retire. Dance while the music is playing. KREAFUNK celebrates and embraces the diversity of an ordinary every day. The create beautifully designed headphones and speakers that bring chilling tunes and urban vibes into life; anytime, anywhere.


    Have A Look are fun, fashionable and affordable unisex reading glasses designed in Denmark. They believe that your style should be sharp even if your vision isn't!

  • NEW IN

    We have been searching far and wide to find lots of fabulous new Scandinavian products - and some from other parts of the world that we just couldn't resist! We are always adding new and exciting finds, so call back soon for a second helping.

  • storage

    There's a use for this stylish Handed By handled basket in every room of your home!

  • Glerups
  • POUF

    Silky smooth and elegant yet practical, the Fatboy Point Velvet is the little round pouf that fits into any interior. The deep blush pink Point is ideal as a side table, an extra little seat, or a luxury footrest.

  • SKANDINAVISK Hand & Body Lotion 300 ml - Hav (Distant Shores)

    SKANDINAVISK scented candle and reed diffuser collection celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of Scandinavia. A sense of Scandinavia. Of vast silent landscapes and raw seasons, of cosy shared moments and quiet sophistication.

  • KAy

    Kay Bojesen had many talents and a wonderful imagination. He worked diligently to create design lines that, in his own words, smiled. 

  • furniture

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Here at Hus & Hem, which means "House and Home" in Swedish, we have laid on a smörgåsbord of delicious objects and ideas for you to sample. We have selected each piece, not only for its visual appeal, but for its functionality and practicality too.

We hope you will enjoy the delights that are featured on our website, we are always adding new and exciting finds, so do call back for a second helping.

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