• fabric

    Every season Spira of Sweden brings out new textiles that bring fresh new Scandinavian patterns and prints that cleverly work with past collections. 

    Patterns clash and unexpected colour combinations bring excitement and personality to the home. The goal is that you can create your own personal style by combining and matching different prints and patterns.

  • Kay Bojesen Denmark

    Kay Bojesen had many talents and a wonderful imagination. He worked diligently to create design lines that, in his own words, smiled. This special talent has created a magical universe of wooden animals and figurines that have become treasured classics the world over.

  • candles

    Ester & Erik tapered candles - Handmade in Denmark, long, lean and with the thin elegant point that is the Ester & Erik trademark.

  • Ekelund

    Whether your home is minimal Scandi-cool or full on maximal, Ekelund Scandinavian table runners and kitchen towels will add that wow factor to your dining room and kitchen. Master weavers since 1692.

  • pappelina

    Pappelina woven plastic rugs and runners are crafted with love and pride in Sweden. Each rug represents a piece of Swedish craftsmanship, from start to finish, brought to life through a close interplay between design and weave.

  • jigsaws

    Sit down, relax and piece by piece enjoy our selection of jigsaws puzzles from Pomegranate, Mud Puppy, Galison and Cavallini & Co to name just a few. Perfect for the whole family, sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!  

  • Glerups

    Warmth and comfort all year round - Glerups slippers, shoes and boots are known for their exceptional cosiness and quality. Be warned addiction may occur!

  • Bjorn Wiinblad

    Finishing touches make a house into a home. From a Bjorn Wiinblad flowerpot topped with a frothy fern, to the delightful wooden animals from Kay Bojesen, there will be an ornament to to add a Nordic element, to brighten your room, however small.

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Here at Hus & Hem, which means "House and Home" in Swedish, we have laid on a smörgåsbord of delicious objects and ideas for you to sample. We have selected each piece, not only for its visual appeal, but for its functionality and practicality too.

We hope you will enjoy the delights that are featured on our website, we are always adding new and exciting finds, so do call back for a second helping.

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