CPHBags Mega Baby Bag

From nine plastic bottles to an eco-friendly carrier - Danish company CPHBags has designed the only baby bag you will ever need, and it's huge!

The lightweight black quilted Mega Baby Bag has seven easy-access compartments for transporting everything you need whilst travelling with a little one - and we know how much that is!

Each CPHBag begins as one piece of material which is folded like origami to create its individual pockets - a patented technique that totally minimises production waste.


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As an independent Danish businesswoman juggling her work, home, husband and three sons, Maria Nouvel Buch-Jakobsen is a model entrepreneur. Her passion for environmental solutions is reflected by her choice of material for bringing her elegant CPHBags to life - high quality and extremely durable fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

A need for a multi-purpose, durable shopping bag is what inspired Maria’s first concept design. Her now patented shopping bag with separate compartments turned out to be the perfect carryall for grocery shopping, as well as being ideal for computer gear, trips to the gym, baby changing necessities, weekend trips and beyond. An absolutely indispensable bag with infinite uses.

Dimensions and details

Height50 cm
Width40 cm
Length80 cm at top
Material98% RPET quilt (recycled plastic bottles)
Care AdviceHandwash at 30ºC, hang to dry.
OriginDesigned in Denmark