Handed By Petite Shopper - Dark Grey

The woven dark grey PETITE shopper from Handed By is the perfect daily bag.

PETITE, as the name describes, is the new baby shopper on the Handed By block. Although smaller in stature it packs a design punch with its matching PU leather handles and dark grey weave. A separate zipped compartment on the inside allows the safekeeping of life's bits and bobs.

H 27 x W 31 x D 10 cm


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Handed By is a Dutch company that designs woven baskets, bags and home accessories. Their products are handmade using materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, such as recycled plastic and bamboo.  

Handed By products are all handwoven. Respect for the Asian traditions and habits are high-up on their agenda. Their workforce comprises of around 300 qualified craftswomen. After the work on the fields is finished or when the children are at school, they generate extra income by weaving Handed By products

Dimensions and details

ColourwayDark grey | dark grey handle
DimensionsH 27 x W 31 x D 10 cm
Material70% recycled plastic. PU leather look handles.
NoteEvery bag is handmade making each product unique. Per production run there may be small differences in colour and measurements.