Badeanstalten Birch Soap

Shut the bathroom door, time is yours again. No beeps or blinks – just relaxation. These are the moments the Badeanstalten birch soap is made for.

This lovely soap contains Danish birch sap that has the fresh scent of wood, and produces a creamy lather that will transport your senses to the Nordic birch forest.

Badeanstalten soaps are made using a base of vegetable oil and a high concentration of moisturising glycerin that make them suitable for the hands, body, and face.



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The idea for Badeanstalten started in a market in London many years ago, when Iben Park Holm mistook a piece of handmade soap for a lump of cheese. Yes, you read correctly, a lump of cheese! When Iben looked more closely she realised that it was actually soap, her curiosity was awakened!

Back in Denmark Iben and Jan began experimenting with making soap in their little kitchen. And that’s what they have been doing every since, although now on a slightly grander scale.

All of Badeanstalten's products are made of pure and, to the greatest extent possible, local raw materials, such as honey from the neighbourhood beekeeper or birch sap from trees in Northern Jutland.

Dimensions and details

OriginHandmade in Denmark
IngredientsVegetable oils, glycerin & essential oils. Suitable for vegans.
NoteEach Badeanstalten soap is handmade, variations may occur.