Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark Eva Fruit Bowl

Meet the fruity new lady on the Bjørn Wiinblad block!

The charismatic woman with the flower power hair and the inscrutable look is the personification of Wiinblad’s world – and this season, Bjørn Wiinblad Denmark falls back in love with the strong personality, putting her in the centre of the autumn and winter tablescape.

Here, the striking new dish sets the scene for lavish flower arrangements and tempting fruit displays, bearing the generosity that characterised Wiinblad and his art.

Carmen Miranda would be proud!


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Bjørn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1918. At a very early age, he began to show signs of his talent for drawing and creating imaginative worlds.

Bjørn Wiinblad is especially known for his characteristic female figures with expressive eyes and pointed noses, and as an artist Bjørn Wiinblad couldn’t resist sticking his nose out, either, in the chic artistic circles of his day. In the 1950's and 60's, while all of Scandinavia was embracing minimalism and the simple, white look, he went “maximalist” with a seemingly indefatigable use of colour. 

Bjørn Wiinblad’s abiding dream was to convert his home into a working museum for young artists. For every product sold a donation goes to the Bjørn Wiinblad Fund.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsH 14.5 cm x Ø 24 cm
Care AdviceWash by hand
DesignerBjørn Wiinblad Denmark
DeliveryPresented in a gift box