Andy Warhol Marilyn Greeting Card Puzzle

The Andy Warhol Marilyn Greeting Card Puzzle from Galison is a 60-piece postcard jigsaw featuring Warhol's iconic illustration of the famous actress, a true pop-art masterpiece.

The package comes with the puzzle fully assembled- go ahead and write your message on the back, break up the pieces, place them in the envelope, and post.

A greeting card and puzzle in one.

- 14 x 18.7 cm

- 60 puzzle pieces

- Sticker seal for envelope

- Fuchsia envelope


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Founded in 1979, Galison started their journey by working with museums to turn their artworks into well-designed, high quality paper products.

Now a New York based team of 25, Galison keeps growing and innovating, becoming a key player in the puzzle and game market. They are always discovering new artists to collaborate with and work hard to give their customers a wide range of beautifully designed products that can be used every day.

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