Tellkiddo Toys Paper Storage Sack

There's no mistaking what's supposed to go where thanks to this storage sack from Tellkiddo.

This big toy sack is just waiting to gobble up all the mess and mayhem. Throw in the teddies, pop in the puzzles, this is one storage sack that's cool enough to grace even the most design conscious home.  

Tellkiddo storage sacks are designed and handmade in Sweden. Made from thick, super strong, and durable recycled paper, perfect for not only toys but laundry too.

Beautifully presented in a white gift box with a monochrome sticker. 

- W 55 x D 22 x H 80 cm


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Maria Sabbah is based in Stockholm and lives with her family full of boys. Maria first started painting her paper storage bags by hand when her first baby was born, in fact she painted 2000! Like her baby Sam, her business grew and grew and Tellkiddo was born.

Maria loves monochrome illustration, but most of all design with an element of fun!

Dimensions and details

Dimensions W 55 x D 22 x H 80 cm
MaterialRecycled paper
DesignerMaria Sabbah
OriginHandmade in Sweden