Shoe Shame Sweet Feet Deo Spray

Shoe Shame (they are Swedish you know) are obsessed with keeping sneakers clean. 

Shoe Shame's Deo spray will give you great smelling shoes. No news that the inside is what counts. At least if your sneakers and shoes are clean on the outside you only need to give them a sweet-feet-lift.


  • Bacteria repellent and anti-odour
  • 24h effect with a sustained scent
  • Applicable on all materials


Cleaning Guide:

  1. Spray inside of shoe
  2. Air-dry


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About Shoe Shame:

Paul Brunngård is Sweden's largest retailer in shoe care. The company’s mission is to get people to take better care of their shoes, so they created Shoe Shame.

Nothing (yes, nothing) saddens Shoe Shame quite like dirty, smelly sneakers. Their obsession goes way beyond design and looks. They’re experts in shoe care and all facets of shoes – construction, functionality, varieties of leather, synthetic materials, technical specs. They are Shoe Shame.

So, no more scruffy-looking sneakers!

Dimensions and details

TypeSweet Feet
Size120 ml
  • Water-based
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • Ethanol (a common ingredient in drinks…)
  • Linalool (natural scent in etheric oils)