Shoe Shame Wipe And Walk Cleaning Wipes

Shoe Shame (they are Swedish you know) are obsessed with keeping sneakers clean. 

Shoe Shame's cleaning wipes are a great on-the-go shoe cleaning solution for removing dirt and stains. Easy peasy. Just wipe and walk. Walk some more and just wipe again.


  • 10 pcs
  • Easy use and bring-along
  • Two textures; dotted side for stains, soft side for overall cleaning
  • Applicable on all materials

Cleaning Guide:

  1. Use soft side to clean overall
  2. Use dotted side for tough stains


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About Shoe Shame:

Paul Brunngård is Sweden's largest retailer in shoe care. The company’s mission is to get people to take better care of their shoes, so they created Shoe Shame.

Nothing (yes, nothing) saddens Shoe Shame quite like dirty, smelly sneakers. Their obsession goes way beyond design and looks. They’re experts in shoe care and all facets of shoes – construction, functionality, varieties of leather, synthetic materials, technical specs. They are Shoe Shame.

So, no more scruffy-looking sneakers!

Dimensions and details

TypeWipe And Walk
Contents10 wipes
  • Water-based
  • Dimethicone (often used in hair- and skin products, for example as a moisturiser)
  • Glyceryl cocoate (cleaner/tenside partly consists of coconut oil)