Jurianne Matter Field Flowers - Small

Jurianne Matter has designed the easiest and most delightful little DIY bouquet.

All you need to make this little bouquet of flowers or a lovely small wreath is the contents of this set. There’s no need to cut or glue anything: everything has been perforated and creased for you, and the flower stems and wire are included. 

FIELD is a doubly sustainable bouquet: it will never wilt and its serene colour palette is a perfect match for every interior. 

Kit makes 4 paper flowers.


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Cut the flower wire to the desired length, guide it through the perforated slits and put together your bouquet. Each flower can also be presented separately as an individual, subtle eye-catcher in your living room.

Info -

  • 2 cards in A5 format (4 punched-out flowers).
  • 3 metres of flower thread.
  • The thistle is 8 cm in circumference when folded up.
  • The reed panicle is 10 cm long when folded up.
  • The branch is 21.5 cm long.
  • The iris is 6.5 cm high and 5 cm wide.

Dimensions and details

MaterialFSC certified paper printed with vegetable inks
Designer Jurianne Matter
OriginMade in Holland
Contents2 cards in A5 format (4 punched-out flowers) | 3metres of flower thread.