Plego Pyrrhula Pyrrhula Paper Bird Kit

Plego create 3D paper figures inspired by nature and organic forms. Everything comes prepared; no scissors are required, all you have to do is enjoy putting them together!

The Bullfinch, Pyrrhula Pyrrhula, is a bird that stands out for the intense red colour of its chest and the plump shape of its body, which give it a friendly and amusing appearance.

Let's Get Folding!

  • The kit contains 5 sheets of pre-cut 50% cotton light-resistant art paper. 
  • An educational sheet explaining the main characteristics of the bee-eater and a set of assembly instructions.


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Plego arose out of an urge they felt to get back to paper, to working with their hands, making creativity more tangible and personal. And this creative urge has taken shape in the form of their “Birds of Catalonia” collection.

Dimensions and details

DesignPyrrhula Pyrrhula - Eurasian Bullfinch
Height12 cm
MaterialDyed pulp art paper with 50% cotton content. Excellent to fold and resistant to light.
OriginDesigned and made in Girona, Spain
Suitable ForAge 12+
NoteWhite craft glue is required
Top Tip!A toothpick is ideal for applying the glue
Do you know?Plegó means folded in Spanish