Rosendahl Kay Bojesen Zebra Group Line Drawing

As a designer, Kay Bojesen created a gallery of strong personalities – from the playful monkey to the frisky rabbit. And now fans of Bojesen’s menagerie are being given a whole new place to play: the wall.

This illustration of Kay Bojesen’s zebra is a photograph of one of the few original charcoal sketches of the zebra in existence. The illustration is reproduced on canvas, with a natural wood frame and is hung by a leather cord.

Inspired by the old classroom geography maps, this stylish artwork is bound to be appreciated by children and adults, nostalgists, and modernists. 

- W 43 x H 33 cm


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Kay Bojesen (1886 - 1958)

Kay Bojesen is known for his significant contribution to Danish functionalism, for creating handcrafted Danish design with humour and a smile and, naturally, for his popular “animal circus”, where monkeys, elephants, hippos and dogs scamper and romp about the design menagerie to the delight of people of all ages. 

Rosendahl work closely with Kay Bojesen’s family to put a great many of Bojesen’s most popular creations into production.

Dimensions and details

DesignZebra group
DimensionsCanvas W 40 x H 30 cm / frame W 43.6 x H 33 cm
MaterialCanvas: 100% cotton. Nature wood profile and nature leather strap.
DesignerKay Bojesen