Ritzenhoff SHOT Glass - Lucas Risé

The shot glass is the smallest drinking glass - its contents must be drinkable in one go. Exclusive to the 25th anniversary collection, Ritzenhoff present a series of modern shot glasses designed by some of the world’s most renowned artists. 

Argentinian artist Lucas Risé, started his first excursions in painting as an adolescent at the age of twelve, covering the streets of Buenos Aires with his street signs and murals.

His glamorous shot glass features an elaborate design finished with flashes of gold, making it a must-have glass for lovers of a quick shot, and of course great design!




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    Whether the term "short", "shooter" or "shot" is used, they all mean the same: a spirit containing between approx. 15 to 40% alcohol by volume and downed in one. The production method has not changed much since the Middle Ages: the alcohol content of the basic liquid is extracted and concentrated by heating, vaporisation and condensation. The term "spirit", which comes from the Latin spiritus (ghost, spirit) and reflects the method used to produce the drink, is still used today. For example, calvados is "apple spirit", rum is "sugar-cane spirit" and Weizenkorn, or wheat-grain schnapps, "wheat spirit". Shots, in the form of liqueur, fruit and grain brandies, are an integral part of global drinking culture; while they are mostly enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, many are also served as small cocktails. There is an endless range of different varieties, and fine spirits are in great demand as a popular gift.

    Dimensions and details

    DimensionsH 7.5 x Ø 5 cm
    Care AdviceHand wash only
    DesignerLucas Risé
    OriginMade in Germany
    NotePresented in a silver gift box