Dopper Glass Water Bottle

Raise your glass...

This minimalistic - and super stylish - Dopper glass bottle is here to make a statement. Not just on your desk but also to the world. But wait… There’s more! When you turn your bottle upside-down, you not only have a cup to drink your tap water from, you’re also putting water on a pedestal. 

Our (and soon to be, your) Dopper glass bottle holds up to 400 ml of water. 

So, jump in. Join our mission. Until all water is as clear as glass. 


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Drink tap water. Stop plastic Pollution. Smile at strangers.

Dopper know you know about the plastic soup. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. Plastic is hiding in plain sight, breaking down until it’s too small for the eye to see. And single-use plastic water bottles? Not helping. We’re here to make it clear. Meet the reusable bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of business. This sea-through ocean-saving device helps you raise awareness about the invisible plastics that are floating around in water sources near and far. And not just that! Each bottle sold helps us make an Impact. With a capital I. From education programmes and research to awareness campaigns. It also kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal. Good karma? You bet. Together we can turn the tide. One bottle at a time. 

Dimensions and details

CapacityHolds 400 ml
MaterialBorosilicate glass (bottle) | PP - Polypropylene (cap) | Tritan (white cup) | Silicone (seal in cap & cup)
Care AdviceVery easy to clean. Dishwasher safe up to 65°c.
Suitable ForHot and cold water
NoteBPA and phthalate free