Icebreaker Pop - Nordic Ice Cube Tray - Pale Lemon


The easy-to-use ice cube maker

POP is the ice cube tray re-invented. ‘Pop’ the ice cubes by pulling the straps and serve the ice cubes easily and without spillage or difficulty. 

Easy, fun and hygienic to use, it also prevents odour absorption.

The pale lemon POP is phthalate and BPA free and makes 18 large ice cubes per refill.

The thermo-effective container keeps the ice chilled at room temperature when closed, and the design of the rounded ice takes longer to melt due to its surface area to volume ratio. 

Perfect for picnics, parties, or drinks on the patio.



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The story about ICEBREAKER began with a cool idea in the heat of Texas! The Danish engineer and founder of ICEBREAKER Nordic, Kim Jensen, lived in Texas. Everyday in the hot climate, Kim enjoyed ice in his drinks. However, when Kim moved back to chilly Denmark, he found that ice cubes were not as easily accessible. ICEBREAKER began to take shape. And what a great shape it is! 

Dimensions and details

ColourwayPale lemon
DimensionsH 200 x W 120 mm | 32 mm compressed for freezing | 87 mm expanded when serving.
MaterialPhthalate and BPA free. Can be reused 1,000’s of times, reducing plastic waste.
Care AdviceCan be dismantled and put in the dishwasher.
OriginDesigned and developed in Denmark.
Do you know?POP is designed for stacking in the freezer in any position. Designed to be space optimal.