Asta Barrington Vodka Slim Tray By Jamida

Craving a cosmo, or mixing a Moscow mule, say 'Na Zdrowie' in style with Asta Barrington's eye-catching VODKA tray.

Asta's signature filigree font gives this sky blue tray a fabulous vintage feel. It's just the right size for carrying two cocktails- or four shots if you'd rather! When not in use it will bring a touch of retro to your kitchen.

Jamida trays are handcrafted on the Swedish island of Öland using Scandinavian birch wood. 

- 15 x 32 cm.


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Asta lives and works in the beautiful city of Bath in the south-west of England. She studied at London’s prestigious Royal College of Art postgraduate college, where she specialised in embroidered textiles.

The distinctive look of Asta's tray collections revolves around beautifully intricate linear patterns that evolve into stylised creatures and filigree shapes in a positive spectrum of colours.  

There is an underlying Scandinavian influence inspired by Asta's half Danish heritage combined with a passion for colour, vintage lace and folk textiles.

Dimensions and details

Dimensions15 x 32 cm
MaterialFSC certified Scandinavian birch
Care AdviceWash in hot soapy water
DesignerAsta Barrington
OriginHandcrafted on the Swedish island of Öland