Savino Wine Saving Glass Carafe - Original

Savino (save+vino) is a super-clever wine-saving carafe. Savino preserves and keeps your wine fresh for up to a week, so you can enjoy Tuesday's wine on Saturday!

Suitable for red, white, and rosé wines, Savino creates a physical barrier between the wine and the air, so your wine stays fresh glass after glass.

Savino makes it easy - no pumping the air out of a bottle, no need for gases or special corks. Savino is efficient and effortless to use - if you can pour wine, you can use Savino, and it's dishwasher safe too.

If you love wine, you need a Savino!

Ø 11.5 x H 28 cm


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Step 1:
Open a great bottle of wine and enjoy a glass. 

Step 2:
Pour the remaining wine into Savino, insert the float to create a barrier between the wine and the air. Pop on the lid.

Step 3:
Open a great bottle of wine on Tuesday, and know that the following week you can enjoy the same bottle of wine. 

Step 4:
Remove the top and pour yourself another great tasting glass of wine as you watch the float automatically adjust as you seamlessly move from storing to pouring.

Dimensions and details

Capacity750 ml (standard wine bottle)
Weight1.1 kg
DimensionsØ 11.5 x H 28 cm
Care AdviceDishwasher safe
OriginMade in U.S.A.