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Once upon a time in 2007 on the small Danish island of Bornholm, there was a young man with the name of Johan. His mother had raised him to create something – not just for a living, but something from the heart. For Johan there was no doubt. He loved liquorice and thought that an entire new world of pleasure lay hidden in the roots of raw liquorice. He wanted to turn liquorice into a gourmet experience. Nothing less. And he succeeded.

Johan's vision was to share the magical qualities of the mighty liquorice root and combined it with carefully selected ingredients to create this natural delight that everyone can indulge in.

Dimensions and details

TypeRose gold cherry 2016
Weight150g & 250g
OriginLovingly made in Denmark
Ingredients66% Belgian white chocolate, rice flour, invert sugar, cane sugar, treacle, 2.2% raw liquorice, glucose syrup, 1% cherry , rapeseed oil, salt, anise oil, colour: (titanium dioxide, iron oxide), natural cherry aroma, glazing agent: shellac.