Ester & Erik Tapered Candle - Pickle 62


With their graceful and slender shape, Ester & Erik's matte tapered candles are sure to bring something special to your table or mantelpiece.

Ester & Erik have been making high-quality handmade candles in Denmark for over 30 years. The elegant 32 cm candles burn cleanly for up to 8 hours, they are drip-free, soot free and smoke-free too.

Pickle is the most fabulous shade of green! Works beautifully in all holders, whether gold or silver, and paired with greenery it is stunning.


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In Denmark, candles are used to create a relaxing atmosphere, turning any occasion into something special. With its long dark winters, Denmark has a strong tradition for making outstanding quality candles.

Ester & Erik have been producing top quality candles based on centuries-old methods since 1987. All of the candles are made in Denmark and are the result of a time-consuming process in which each individual cotton wick is dipped in liquid paraffin until it reaches the required thickness. They are finally dipped in their chosen colour.

This traditional dipping technique combined with the best raw materials offer tangible advantages:

  • The candles burn with a steady flame.
  • They burn slowly, are odourless, allergy-friendly and emit no soot.
  • They self-extinguish when they have burned down.

Dimensions and details

ColourwayPickle 62
Burn Time8 hours
DimensionsH 32 cm x Ø 2.6 cm (Tapered to fit most standard candleholders)
Care AdvicePinch rather than blow out to extinguish. To avoid dripping, do not expose to draughts, air conditioning or near a heat source.
OriginHandmade in Denmark
NoteEvery effort has been made to reproduce the colour as accurately as possible. Colour will vary depending on your screen.