Fatboy Point Pouf - Ice Blue

It may look like a simple round ottoman, but appearances can be deceptive.

Pretty and practical, this little round pouffe is a perfect accompaniment to any indoor or outdoor space. The Fatboy Point makes an ideal side table, footrest or stool. Soft enough to sit on, sturdy enough to stand on, and firm enough to put objects on.

The ice blue Fatboy Point is perfectly formed, multifunctional and certainly has a lot of style!

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In 1998, the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä designed a beanbag unlike any other. Fatboy is – as many people think – not named after the firm shape of the beanbag, but after the artist Fatboy Slim. Setälä received a Fatboy Slim CD in the late nineties and this gave him the inspiration for a brand name: Fatboy the Original. The Dutchman Alex Bergman saw a lot of potential in the Finnish beanbag design and in 2003 he acquired the exclusive selling rights.  

The last 15 years, Fatboy has developed considerably. The beanbag is without doubt the ultimate hero, but Fatboy does a lot more than just creating beanbags. The collection has expanded into a diverse range of iconic products: from lamps and carpets to side tables, hammocks and the Lamzac. All products are designed with one goal: escaping the daily routine with a big smile. 

Dimensions and details

DesignFatboy Point
ColourwayIce blue
DimensionsH 35 x Ø 50 cm
MaterialOuter: Nylon | Filling: 100 litre EPS polybead filled
Care AdviceWipe clean with with lukewarm water and a neutral soap
Suitable ForThe Point Original Pouf is both an indoor and outdoor product, but only in dry weather.
NoteIntensive use may cause the filling to shrink after a time. With the refill you can completely fill your Point from scratch (100 litre)