Fundamental Berlin Benzin Lidded Canister

Like oil on Water.

Who hasn’t pondered the strange shimmering colours one sees when oil and water mix? Well, Fundamental Berlin took this effect as the inspiration to develop their striking Benzin series of glass vessels.

This beautiful lidded canister is made from semi-transparent glass coated with a micro-layer of titanium; this creates the most amazing, colourful blue and purple shimmer.

A stunning piece on the dressing table, bathroom or mantelpiece.

- 10 x 10 cm




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Is Gunnar Rönsch and Stephen K Molloy.

They met while studying architecture at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, graduating in 2006. They have pursued a fascination for the mathematics of nature through their work as architects in London, Berlin and Los Angeles, cutting their teeth at David Chipperfield and Jürgen Mayer H among others.

In 2011 they started producing furniture in parallel to their architecture practice, and they haven't looked back. They love to experiment with new ways to use favourite old materials and play with patterns and colours.

Dimensions and details

Dimensions10 x 10 cm
MaterialTitanium coated glass
Care AdviceClean with a soft cloth
DesignerGunnar Rönsch & Stephen K Molloy
OriginDesigned in Berlin. Made in Moravia
NoteEach vase is unique - colour may vary from blue & gold to bright purple