Relaxound Lakesidebox Motion Sensor - White

The crisp white Relaxound Lakesidebox conjures up short moments of relaxation in your life. Soothing nature sounds take you gently to the shore of an idyllic forest lake: water splashes, birds chirp, ducks quack and crickets chirp. You will immediately feel how your head and body relax intuitively.

The natural sounds are activated simply by passing by. A motion sensor triggers the sounds and lets you pause for two minutes to recharge your batteries.

Whether at home or in the office, in the bathroom, hallway, nursery or bedroom, you can place your Lakeside Box anywhere or just hang it on the wall. 


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Breathe deeply, unwind your mind and body – make it a perfect day. The Lakesidebox can help you do it. Its natural sounds create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax intuitively. Like taking a walk next to a forest lake. We listen to the gentle sound of nature, our gaze softens, and we start to breathe more deeply.

Beneficial for the body and the spirit.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsW 11 x H 11.8 x D 2.8 cm
MaterialPlexiglas, ABS Plastic
Weight95 g
DesignerPhilipp Störring & Dennis N. Clasen
Suitable ForAnywhere! But ideal in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway or nursery.
NoteMotion sensor covers a range up to 4 ft. It will not work in twilight or darkness.
SoundOn / off switch and adjustable volume
BatteryRechargeable by USB