Kay Bojesen Zebra By Rosendahl

Kay Bojesen created the charming zebra as the first of the exotic animals in 1935. It has since been joined by The Monkey, The Elephant and The Hippo, and now another four-legged playmate is moving from the savannah into the modern home.

Kay was fascinated by distant lands and even visited North Africa in 1921, remained faithful to the zebra's original stripe pattern, however, and to this day the characteristic black stripes only go to the animal's belly, just as in nature.

This authentic detail testifies to the craftsmanship behind each individual wooden figurine. 


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Kay Bojesen is known for his delightful humour and unique talent for wooden creations that bring out smiles. And nobody can keep a straight face when they gaze upon the pleasantly plump zebra.

With its straight legs and bristly mane, the zebra lives up to Kay Bojesen's ideal of creating wooden figurines that don't seek to imitate nature. Instead, it is full of charm and personality in every stripe and to the very tips of its mohawk.

Dimensions and details

Height14 cm
MaterialHand painted solid beech wood
DesignerKay Bojesen