Jurianne Matter Blatt Paper Flowers + Leaves

Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Jurianne Matter's Blatt paper flowers are always in bloom. 

The beauty of Blatt is everlasting, in a vase or dropping through the letterbox to greet or congratulate.

Create your own Blatt bouquet or garland by simply pressing the flowers out of the A5 card and threading them onto traditional florist wire.

Each set contains 3 cards (19 easy pop out flowers in total) and 4 metres of florist wire.


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Jurianne Matter inherited a passion for textiles, paper and patterns from her mother and grandmother. Designs and patterns on even the simplest things can make her feel completely happy: a Russian candy wrapper, a roll of drawer paper from Tyrol, or the paper around a French farmer’s bread. Her desire to create beautiful things, her love of paper designs and her need for little rituals are all embodied in her work.

“I like to create beautiful, warm and festive little rituals relating to important happenings in life. This way they become experiences always to remember