Jurianne Matter Make Your Own Cypress Tree

Build your own cypress tree!

Construct Jurianne Matter's paper cypress tree in less than 5 minutes. The light beechwood trunk has holes through which to thread the branches. You don’t need to cut anything: All the parts are pre-punched, ribbed and perforated. And of course, it also includes metal wire with which to assemble the parts.

The dark green cypress with its pattern of scattered half-moons is reminiscent of the Tuscan hills.

Put it on your favourite shelf at home as an eye-catcher, or send it to someone as a gift. It is an A5 flatpack and fits through the letterbox!

Height 25 cm.




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In 2008, Jurianne Matter started her label carrying her own name. Some way or another, the designs struck a chord: paper, craft, traditions, pretty prints and all produced in an eco-friendly way… it became a success.  

"For me, a product is only truly beautiful when it’s been created with respect for nature and humankind”. 

Dimensions and details

DimensionsHeight 25 cm| Ø 9 cm
OriginMade in Holland by Jurianne Matter
Top Tip!Combine the CYPRESS with the OAK and FIR to create a magical forest on your windowsill, or use the trees as a finishing touch on a beautifully laid table.
Contents4 pre-punched A5 cards, 2 lengths of wire and a wooden stand with pre-perforated holes.