Have A Look Reading Glasses - Mood - Amber Blue

Have A Look are fun, fashionable and affordable unisex Danish reading glasses. They believe that your style should be sharp even if your vision isn’t! 

Mood’ reading glasses with pale tortoiseshell frames with just a hint of blue. If you like large, eye-catching reading glasses that are lightweight and sit comfortably on the nose, then ’Mood’ are the ones for you. They not only fit well but are designed to suit almost anyone. 

The glasses fit neatly, with a durable polycarbonate frame, comfortable flex hinges and aspherical acrylic lenses. All metal components are of course nickel-free.


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Have A Look is owned and run by the Danish design duo Mette Wotkjær and Christina Kattrup Schrøder, both of whom have a great experience in lifestyle communication and design and a good eye for fashion and trends. Their mission is to create fun and fashionable unisex reading glasses at affordable prices.


When it comes to common, age-related long sight, we humans are relatively similar and, broadly-speaking, the table below will provide a good guideline. (Remember it is only a guide!)

  • 40 years: +1
  • 45 years: +1,5
  • 50 years: +2
  • 55 years: +2,5
  • 60 years: +3

Dimensions and details

ColourwayAmber blue - pale tortoiseshell
WidthFrame width: 13.8 cm
DepthFrame depth 5 cm
MaterialLight polycarbonate frames & aspherical acrylic lenses.
Care AdviceUse a fibre cloth and warm water with a bit of soap if your glasses get greasy.
Suitable ForOn the larger size, eye-catching reading glasses that are lightweight and sit comfortably on the nose.