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Hinza Bag - Large Tropical Pink

The large Hinza bag is a Swedish classic designed at the beginning of the 1950's by Perstorp AB. The bag was named Shopping Bag 329.

The Hinza bag became popular in Swedish homes as it was useful for a multitude of purposes, not least for carrying groceries. Sadly the introduction of plastic bags resulted in its demise.

In 2008, Karin Bachstätter, great granddaughter of the founder of Perstorp AB, manufactured the Hinza bag again.

This tropical pink Hinza bag even has green credentials - it's made using Green Plastic produced from a renewable raw material sourced from sugar cane!


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With its unique design and great usability, the bag from Hinza is an obvious choice for picnics and outings, as well as shopping.

The bag is also excellent for storage– a colourful, stylish alternative for keeping things organised. It's practical design makes it perfect for hobbies and gardening jobs as it's sturdy and easy to clean.

The ergonomic design means you carry it close to the body, relieving strain on the back and shoulders.

Still manufactured in Sweden using the original design from the 1950's, and original bags are still being used today after more than fifty years.

Dimensions and details

HeightBag height 25 cm - inc handles 42 cm
Capacity15 litres
WeightCarrying capacity 15 kg
DimensionsW 17 x L 44 cm
MaterialThe tropical pink Hinza is made of green plastic made from sugar cane, a renewable raw material
OriginMade in Sweden