madetostay Mikado Sensational Scented Sticks

Now, these are rather clever! madetostay have created a set of five PET black fibre reeds impregnated with their gorgeous Sensational scent. 

Ready to use without adding perfume, and no need to light, just place the Sensational Mikado Scent Sticks in a vessel, or a madetostay Hobitat diffuser, and immediately enjoy the wonderful fragrance. 

Depending on the intensity you prefer, place 1-5 stick into your chosen diffuser vessel. 

No more liquid to get knocked over, no naked flame, no dusty reeds, just the delicious Sensational scent.


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madetostay thought it was time to develop a new, different approach to reed diffusers with their scented sticks. They wanted them to release exactly the same scent as their candles, but without all the practical hazards and an alternative to traditional reed diffusers. Together with Swif in Germany, they created the Mikado Scented Sticks. Five fragrant sticks, in an airtight bag that retains the original fragrance in the reeds until the day you unpack them and place in your scent vase.


Sensational is madetostay's signature room fragrance. They asked their perfumer to create "that personal" room fragrance for a special room and a special person. They gave her unlimited freedom to create a scent beyond the ordinary. You may like it, or you may not! It is most certainly the most evocative modern fragrance - it is a “Sensational Sensation”.

Dimensions and details

Dimensions5 sticks Ø 0.3 cm x 22 cm
MaterialScented Terylene polyester fibre
OriginMade in Germany
NoteMikado is already scented. No need to add perfume. Depending on the intensity you prefer, place 1-5 stick into your chosen diffuser vessel.
SafetyKeep out of reach of children and pets