madetostay Hobitat Ceramic Holder

Hobitat by madetostay combines form and function to create a vessel comprising of three separate shapes that can be arranged in different combinations depending on what takes your fancy.

Every single shape of the glazed ceramic Hobitat is made by hand in Portugal with an extraordinary sense for the “finishing touch”. 

The ceramic Hobitat is designed to hold a set of madetostay Mikado Scent Sticks or a candle. Alternatively, between scented moments, the Hobitat can be used as a candlestick to hold a standard tapered candle.

Mikado sticks not included.




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The artisan producer Jomazé, Lda is located in the heart of the country near the coast between the regions of Nazaré and Alcobaça. A place where a long tradition in ceramic workmanship has been the everyday life of many craftsmen. Nowadays this area only counts a few workshops. Jomazé’s workshop has become an institution and survived the crisis of globalisation simply because they have been able to combine decades of a ceramists tradition with an innovative spirit. 

Dimensions and details

DimensionsSingle piece Ø 6 cm | height 3 cm. 3 piece set height 9.5 cm
MaterialGlazed ceramic
DesignerCarsten Jörgensen
OriginJomazé Lda, Povoa, Portugal
NoteMikado sticks not included.