Helleo Room Fragrance - Relaxing & Sensual

Helleo's Relaxing & Sensual room fragrance is suitable for your bedroom or living room by offering a stress-free ambience and a feeling of calmness. Let the Ylang Ylang do the job: it improves mood and enhances libido. Rosewood and lavender give the last touch and a sense of wild blossoming.

 The drawstring pouch contains grated soap flakes created using helleo's extra virgin olive oil soap and 100% pure essential oils. 

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Handmade in Greece
  • 100% Natural
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan

- 120g


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Helleo is all about sustainability. They designed and created these high-quality room fragrances in order to be versatile thus eco-friendly. Zero waste. Unique pleasure. Full sustainability.

Once your helleo room fragrance ceases offering the desired result, here are a few ideas that can extend its life span, in an eco-friendly and 100% natural way.

1. Liquid hand soap
2. Moisturising bath soak
3. Floor cleaner
4. Air freshener spray
5. Homemade bug spray for plants
6. Laundry soap

Dimensions and details

NameRelaxing & Sensual
OriginHandmade in Crete
FragrancePure essential oils: ylang ylang, frankincense, bergamot, lavender,, rosewood & patchouli
Suitable ForIdeal for your bedroom & living room
Includes1 cotton pouch, 100% natural soap flakes (120g), pure essential oil blend (2ml)