Skandinavisk Escapes Vase Diffuser - Lysning (Forest Glade)

LYSNING (Danish for ‘forest glade’) The scent of mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry. 

Nordic nature is rich in diversity and spectacle. Enchanted by its magic, Skandinavisk have added to their Escape Collection with a new series of scent diffusers that are inspired by the idea of bringing nature indoors.

The Skandinavisk LYSNING diffuser will scent your home for months with a delicate Nordic fragrance. When the perfume has finally evaporated the mouth-blown glass vessel can be used as a flower vase for a single stem, small posy, or as a decorative 'objet' that will last a lifetime.

- 300 ml


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The Skandinavisk Escapes collection brings to life the Scandinavian passion for escaping into nature. A hike along a childhood trail, filled with remembrance of life’s journeys; a winding path deep into the forest to rest in a remote clearing; a corner of the land, tended carefully to nurture nature’s crown jewels. The quiet desires of the heart, searching for solitude and peace, carries Scandinavians to the free outdoors, where whistles of the wind whisper new inspiration, and a primal connection with the land is regained. 

Dimensions and details

Dimensions300 ml | Diameter 8 cm | Height 11.5 cm
MaterialGlass vase, 3 rattan reeds, PET refill bottle.
OriginDesigned in Denmark, created in Portugal.
FragranceLysning - mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry. Will scent a room for 4+ months.
Top Tip!Insert all 3 reeds and rotate the reeds weekly for the full fragrance effect.
Do you know?Lysning is also available in a scented candle.