Seattle Seed Co. Forged Herb Snips

These extra sharp snips from the Seattle Seed Co. will help harvest your delicate herbs (think parsley, basil, oregano) or prune that bonsai you’ve been neglecting.

Made with ultra-strong plastic handles and removable stainless steel blades that can be replaced or sharpened. (very sharp, please be careful!) Comes in a recycled paper envelope with a description and instructions on the back.

Snips can be brass or sometimes black. It will be a surprise! 

Length 10 cm.


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Seattle Seed Co. was founded in 2010, only selling a handful of varieties of seeds. Over the years, they have expanded their product line to include many useful and high-quality items for the home and garden to make your life more full and enjoyable as you strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle.