For Peat's Sake - 3 L Peat-Free Compost

Because peat belongs in the bog, not in your garden.

Be kind to the environment - drop the bog-standard compost and move to bog-friendly. Simply add water, and watch the dehydrated coir block grow into 3 litres of perfect planet-friendly, plant-friendly soil.

These neat peat-free packages are made from coconut husk fibres, an otherwise wasted by-product from the food and cosmetics industries.

Not only is For Peat's Sake eco coir compost totally sustainable, it's rot resistant, drains and retains water brilliantly, and encourages healthy roots.

The perfect green-fingered gift!


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Coir is the new peat!

For Peat's Sake! was created by Environmental Geography graduate George. During his studies, George learnt about peatlands, their importance to our planet and how badly they are being treated. Peat harvesting contributes to global warming, destroys an essential habitat for flora and fauna, and worsens flooding... all so we can have compost in garden centres!

Shocked by the continual destruction of peat bogs for compost manufacturing, George began spreading awareness about the damage caused by this industry - and in the meantime came up with his own affordable, eco-friendly alternative to peat-based composts.

With expertise and support from family and friends, For Peat's Sake! took shape, and George is now ready to supply all and sundry with a sustainable method of growing things that doesn't hurt the planet.

Dimensions and details

VolumeHydrates up to 3 litres
DimensionsPackage measures L 10 x W 7 x H 10 cm
Material100% sustainable coconut husk fibre, with 100% recyclable packaging.
NoteThe coir includes no artificial fertiliser, so when planted it should be fed organic proprietary plant food.