Fatboy Bolleke Hanging Lamp - Lemon

Fatboy's Bolleke lamp in lemon is the ultimate mood maker. It ramps up the ambience wherever you use it. And you don't need an electrical outlet or extension cable either.

Create the perfect setting with this little pearl of illumination. From cosy bedroom comfort to chic outdoor dining, the 3 light modes are sure to set an idyllic scene. Simply charge with the USB port and enjoy up to 24 hours of wonderful wireless illumination.

Time to go inside because darkness has fallen? Why? With Bolleke the evening is still young.

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Charge your Bolleke up via the USB connection and enjoy instant ambience for up to 24 hours, in three settings. You can easily hang your spherical lamp with the rubber loop that looks like an oversize hairband. Because it’s waterproof, Bolleke can be used outside. But, of course, this spherical light can also be put to good use inside. In that makeshift tent in your child’s bedroom, for example, or perhaps for telling somebody’s fortune.

Dimensions and details

DesignBolleke - Lemon
DimensionsØ 20 cm | 100 cm hanging loop
MaterialOuter: HDPE | Inner: ABS | Loop: silicone rubber
Battery LifeSetting 1 - 8 hrs | 2 - 15 hrs | 3 - 20 hrs. Cordless & rechargeable (USB charger included)
Wattage2700 Kelvin | 1 Watt | 38.6 Lumen
Care AdviceWipe clean using a soft damp cloth
Suitable ForIndoor and outdoor use