NeighBirds Nesting Box

It’s time to treat your feathered friends to a stylish des-res...

The hexagonal NeighBirds nesting box is handmade from untreated pine wood. The clever modular design allows a stand alone house, or group boxes together as the family expands. 

Easily installed in either a wild or urban environment, it can be hung on a branch, a structure, a hook or a wall.

There is even a little hole drilled in the front for you to pop in a twig for the birds to perch upon.


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Andrew Carulla of design company Utoopic, wanted to bring his design expertise to our feathered friends.

Using natural materials, a muted palette and apparent simple aesthetics, he creates high quality, beautiful pieces that blend into our urban environment. 

The NeighBirds nesting box arrives in a lovely hexagonal gift box, making it the perfect present for any budding ornithologist or twitcher.

Dimensions and details

Weight700 g
DimensionsW 13.8 x D 20 x H 12 cm
MaterialPine wood with a polyester strap
DesignerAndreu Carulla
NoteTwig not included. Protect with water-based varnish or oil for durability.