Green Swedish Combi Seed Bird Feeder

Our feathered friends are always encouraged into a garden where there is a plentiful supply of food, fill the smart green combi seed feeder and watch them form an orderly queue! 

With a plastic insert and specially developed dispenser window, this feeder is specially adapted for seed feeding, take out the insert and pop in apples or suet balls and attract different species.

The combi feeder can simply and easily be hung in a tree or on a hook.

To refill simply unscrew the roof.


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A piece of pork rind or other scraps are very much appreciated during the cold winter months when birds have a high energy demands. Blackbirds and waxwings like it when the combi feeder is filled with apple. Sparrows and tits favour energy-rich peanuts, seeds or suet balls.

The short perches mean that only small birds, finches and woodpeckers can settle. When the long perches are used, large birds such as blackbirds can also settle. If no perches are used, you have chosen only to serve birds in the tit family.


Dimensions and details

DesignCombi seed feeder
Capacity1.2 litres
Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions110 x 110 x 255 mm
MaterialPowder-coated steel, plastic, wire for hanging