Born In Sweden Birdfeeder

Birds and lovers of good design will flock to this award winning bird feeder by Born in Sweden.

Made from recyclable plastic, it can be mounted on any smooth window pane thanks to an innovative double-sided suction cup.

The materials can cope with extreme temperatures as well as UV rays. The feeder also features a drainage hole at the base of the bowl.

Great for small birds that are often bullied off busy bird feeders. 

Diameter 11.5 cm.


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Born in Sweden was founded in 2008. Their goal is to design products that should not only have a function, but also a twist which makes you smile.

They are careful to use materials that have a long life and try to use recycled raw material when possible.

Born in Sweden celebrates the Swedish lifestyle and our goal is to make it possible for everyone to bring a little bit of Sweden to their homes.

Dimensions and details

Diameter11.5 cm
MaterialRecycleable plastic, plastic coated stainless steel
Care AdviceDisassemble the feeder and wash every three to four months to keep the birds free from disease.
NoteThe window glass should be cleaned before placing the bird feeder.
Top Tip!When washed it is important that the suction cup is soaked in hot water for a few minutes in order to regain its original shape and strength.