Zwitscherbox Birdsong Motion Sensor - Selva

It is well known that birdsong has a positive effect on us humans so we embrace this little piece of technology with open wings!

Zwitschern is German for chirping, and that's exactly what this little box does. The sleek piece of design has a motion sensor that will set off gentle birdsong when it senses movement. It will play for two minutes then gently subside.

The limited-edition SELVA Zwitscherbox is designed in collaboration with REMEMBER®, a design team famous for its bold and colourful patterns.

Listen to the sound of the Zwitscherbox below and dive into the depths of the Black Forest...


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Breathe deeply, unwind your mind and body – make it a perfect day. The “Zwitscherbox” can help you do it. Its natural sounds create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax intuitively. Like taking a walk in the woods. We listen to the gentle sound of birds singing, our gaze softens, and we start to breathe more deeply. It is beneficial for the body and the spirit! 

Dimensions and details

DimensionsW 11 x H 14.5 x D 3.5 cm
MaterialPlexiglas, ABS Plastic
DesignerPhilipp Störring & Dennis N. Clasen
Suitable ForAnywhere! But ideal in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway or nursery.
NoteMotion sensor covers a range up to 4 ft. It will not work in twilight or darkness.
SoundOn / off switch and adjustable volume.
Includes3 x standard AA batteries