Jangneus Dishcloth - Green Herbs

Banish the boring J cloth from the kitchen and add some Scandi style to your sink with a stylish green herbs cellulose dishcloth by Jangneus.

An everyday household object in Sweden, this pretty Jangneus cellulose cloth goes all spongy when wet, and as stiff as a board when dry.

Hard-wearing, super long-lasting, and ideal for washing up, general cleaning and mopping up spills.

We can't do the washing-up for you but with colourful and fun accessories even the most simple domestic chores can become an everyday pleasure!


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Jangneus believe the best design is design that is practical. Swedish kitchen culture encompasses our vision, to combine the Swedish tradition of form and function and accompany it with original design.

The inspiration for Marie's designs come from a multitude of places and emotions, especially when returning home, visiting her roots in Dalarna, Sweden.

Dimensions and details

Dimensions18 x 20 cm
CompositionMade from natural materials – cellulose & cotton
Care AdviceWashable at 60° - Pop in a mild solution of bleach
Top Tip!100% biodegradable - after its useful life simply put on the compost heap
Do you know?Can absorb up to 14 times its own weight