Clocks & Trees 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle View larger

Clocks & Trees 1000 Piece Jigsaw

An evening can never go wrong with a Kylskåpspoesi puzzle in the room!

Sometimes when you are out in nature you can almost feel like time is standing still. Even if the motif in this puzzle is sort of contrary to that statement we still think that the picture wants to create a feeling of forgetting about stress and instead embracing the possibility of relaxation.

In that case, what can be better than putting this cool picture together?

Finished puzzle size 68 x 48 cm. 


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The high-quality jigsaw puzzles by Kylskåpspoesi are printed with sharp photographic images that are carefully thought out in their composition.

Each Puzzle consists of 1000 pieces that give you besides relaxation and a workout for your brain, an interesting time, where it is actually fun to watch the picture progress.

Put the finished picture on your walls! Good luck in your quest for the right pieces!