Poppik Princesses Sticker Puzzles

Give your little ones something to puzzle over with these three princess themed sticker puzzles from Poppik, illustrated by Vanessa Vautier. 

Using a simple 'sticking-by-numbers' method, the picture comes together before their very eyes! Once completed, your little stars will have a lovely trio of illustrations that can be given as gifts or kept and framed to decorate their bedroom.

Suitable for little ones from 5 years old. 

Each completed puzzle measures 18 x 18 cm.


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Behind every Poppik is a talented artist! Everyone brings their own graphic style, color palette and sensitivity to make the final result truly unique.

Founded in 2016 by Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin, Poppik offer games and activities that are 100% playful, enriching and beautiful. Suitable for all ages, Poppik activities are great for encouraging children’s concentration and patience. From animals, to city streetscapes, and world maps – discover the world through Poppik!