Kay Bojesen Kay Songbird By Rosendahl

Songbird Kay is named after the master himself who happened to be a huge fan of the colour blue. Kay Bojesen was always impeccably dressed in either a blue suit, shirt and tie or his white smock. A gentleman with a sense for underplayed, discreet elegance!

The Songbird – like his five colourful siblings – was never put into production when first designed by Kay Bojesen in the 1950s.

A gift idea for a flying start to life. Perfect for christenings, birthdays, school leavers, anniversaries and weddings.




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Kay Bojesen gave each bird a clean, modern expression, stripped of superfluous details. and though not an attempt to imitate nature, the birds are still so lifelike that it is easy to imagine them breaking out into song as the sun rises over the Sound.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsH 16 x W 7.5 x L 15 cm
MaterialSolid beech wood - painted by hand in blue, light blue and orange
DesignerKay Bojesen