Lakrids By Bülow Chocolate Coated Liquorice A – The Original

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW A was the first product developed when Johan Bülow had the original idea to coat liquorice with chocolate. People were at first sceptical about the idea, but the popular product A soon saw the light of day. The combination of sweet liquorice, exclusive milk chocolate and fine liquorice powder is according to many instantly addictive.

Lakrids A won the prize as 'Favourite liquorice of the Swedes 2012' at the Liquorice Festival in Stockholm.

Available in two sizes - 125g & 295g.


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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is the story of passionate craftsmanship for gourmet liquorice.

In 2007 Johan Bülow created exceptional Danish liquorice, and today they continue their journey of creating surprising combinations and sensorial taste experiences with liquorice as the core. The ambition has remained the same: To inspire people around the world and spread their love for this unique Nordic flavour. 

Lakrids source all their ingredients from the very best suppliers in Denmark and around the world.

Dimensions and details

TypeA - Soft liquorice coated with Belgian chocolate and liquorice powder. A luxurious classic.
Weight125g & 295g
OriginLovingly made in Denmark
Useful to knowThe Greek name for liquorice is 'Glycyrrhiza glabra', which means 'the sweet root'. In its natural state the liquorice root is 30-50 times sweeter than plain sugar. Lakrids gather their fine liquorice roots from Italy, Afghanistan and the Middle East.