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Meraki Body Wash 500 ml - Linen Dew

Gentle, effective, and with the uplifting scent of mint, Meraki's Linen Dew body wash will pamper and care for your skin. Apply 1-2 pumps while in the bath or shower and enjoy not only the moisturising effect but the delicious scent too.

After bathing use the Linen Dew Meraki Body Lotion or Meraki Multi-Purpose Oil to keep the skin beautifully soft and scented all day long.

Essential organic oils are added to the Meraki range to give the products both fragrance and effect. The Linen Dew body wash has a lovely, fresh scent of woody, smoked, fresh mint.

Suitable for all skin types. 

- 500 ml


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Meraki offer you a unique world of lifestyle and skin care products designed and developed in Denmark. The range is made in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and with love for nature’s treasury.

Meraki products are based on simple and clean principals-

• Without parabens and colourants
• Without endocrine disrupting substances
• Without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
• Containing only mild preservatives
• Natural perfume – essential oils
• Basic oils of high quality
• Vegan skin care range

Dimensions and details

NameMeraki Linen Dew
Size500 ml
FragranceA lovely, fresh scent of woody, smoked, fresh mint.