Meraki Pure Shampoo - 490 ml

Meraki Pure is an organic, nourishing and fragrance-free shampoo that is ideal for sensitive scalps.

It’s the perfect choice when you want to avoid harmful chemicals while having beautiful, well-groomed hair that’s easy to comb.

The shampoo is rich in moisturising ingredients such as Betaine, organic aloe vera, cucumber and olive leaf extract that nourishes and strengthens your hair and scalp.

Pump a suitable amount into your hair and lather - follow with Meraki Pure conditioner for shiny, healthy hair that is free from parabens, colourants and silicone.

Suitable for daily use.

- 490 ml


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Meraki is a Danish skincare company based on simple and clean principles. From the simple packaging inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics to the choice of ingredients. Every skincare product is made with carefully selected ingredients to give you honest products that work.

Why choose Meraki Pure?

  • If your skin is sensitive

  • If you want to minimise the risk of allergies

  • If you want to avoid colourants and perfume

  • If you care about organic skincare

  • If you want to protect your health and the environment

Dimensions and details

NameMeraki Pure shampoo
Capacity490 ml
Top Tip!For extra moisture, add a few drops of Meraki Pure oil to your shampoo and conditioner.