WerkShoppe Ruru Owl 1000 Piece Jigsaw

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With its luminous, piercing eyes, the New Zealand Ruru owl is one of the region’s favourite and most iconic native birds. Its melancholic call delighted the artist Ellen Giggenbach, inspiring a colourful, geometric tribute that evokes its piercing call, ringing across the bay at night.

WerkShoppe's 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles are beautiful, well-crafted pieces of art. But maybe what’s just as beautiful is sitting down, figuring them out piece by piece, unplugged from everything. Phone? What phone?

Finished puzzle - W 51 x H 69 cm.


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A few years ago Anne Marie & Wayne realised there were so many artists out there doing amazing work but struggling to be seen. It made them wonder; what if they could bring these artists’ work to a larger audience. And how could they help people discover all this new art by making it really accessible?

They decided to create WerkShoppe - An online gathering place where artistic collaborations with emerging and established artists are turned into beautifully made puzzles designed to help you press pause.

Dimensions and details

DimensionsW 51 x H 69 cm
MaterialESKA® 100% recycled board & non-toxic vegetable-based ink
ArtistEllen Giggenbach
OriginMade In USA | Global Art Community | Art Education
Suitable For 13+ years
NoteRibbon random-cut pieces
IncludesTwo reference art inserts for puzzling together