Ritzenhoff VODKA Glass - Carlo Dal Bianco (Logo)

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, German glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff present a collection of Vodka glasses decorated by a series of individual artists.

It's impossible to imagine Vodka, just like with Gin and Rum, not being part of a well-stocked bar. No matter whether as a cocktail glass or a tumbler.

Mirrored glass in fresh radiant blue turns an exquisite Vodka into even more of a highlight. Extraordinary designs in subtle colours underline the cool clarity of this cult drink.

Designed by Carlo Dal Bianco.




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Although the long-running dispute between Russia and Poland, who both claim to have invented vodka, is still going on, one thing is certain: vodka definitely originated in Eastern Europe. As long ago as the 15th century, this mainly agricultural region had a huge surplus of rye, which was swiftly diverted to spirits production. Grain is the most common basis for vodka, but sometimes potatoes or molasses are used instead. Vodka, the Slavic word for "little water", is renowned for its purity, which is achieved by a particularly intensive filtration process: the drink contains no suspended particles or fusel oils, so it is virtually tasteless. High quality vodka does not burn the throat or cause headaches, and it can be enjoyed both neat and in cocktails. As the main ingredient of compositions ranging from Bloody Mary to Screwdriver, vodka has long since shaken off its image as a cheap, inferior drink and is now the world's best-selling spirit

Dimensions and details

DimensionsH 11.5 x Ø 8.1cm
Care AdviceHand wash only
DesignerCarlo Dal Bianco
OriginMade in Germany
NotePresented in a blue gift box