Secret Message Candle - I'm Flaming Gay

Send a secret message to a special someone... 

Reveal the message in the bottom of the cup as the wax melts and becomes translucent. Allow 1-2 hours (Or a nice dinner).

Note: The packaging comes with a sticker which has the secret message written on it. Make sure you remove this sticker before giving the candle as a gift. Or have us remove it before shipping - just add a message at the checkout.

Candle message: 'I'm Flaming Gay'




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54 Celsius is a collaboration between product designers, graphic designers, and expert candle makers in the USA and abroad. The company is run by design duo, Thorunn Arnadottir, an Icelandic designer, and Dan Koval who has successfully brought over 30 new products to market. 

They love candles because of their ability to create ambiance. Whether romantic, festive, mysterious or macabre (with a wink), nothing sets the mood like candles do. 

Dimensions and details

SmallØ 6.35 x H 3.8 cm
Material Vegetable wax, cotton wick, porcelain cup
Care AdviceBurn within sight. Never leave unattended. Keep away from children.
DesignerIcelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir